Master Plan

About the Temple

Now the temple area is very less about 25mtrsX25mtrs. Many petty shops & houses have surrounded by this temple and has very narrow roads and it is not possible to control the large number of pilgrims coming to this temple. The temple area is to be widened by 200mtrsX200mtrs surrounding by acquiring the private lands. In this connection it is identified that about 256 houses are obstacle within 200mtrs surroundings which requires rehabilitation. Further there is ongoing work of a bridge-cum-barrage for the Bhima river on right side of the temple. This bridge-cum-barrage leads connecting road to Afzalpur & Javergi Taluks,. After completion of bridge-cum-barrage construction, the maximum water level comes very nearer to the temple and town. water bodies near by the temple & town leads to breading of mosquito & and cause health hazards. The people staying surrounding the temple & town may be rehabilitated. It is known fact by the back history that last year Bhima river over flooded and about 6 people along with live stock washed away. Major care should be taken to protect the floods & proper stone pitching is to be done along the bank of back water of river. Further this back water area is to be developed for Boating facilities to the tourist /pilgrims who are coming from deferent states.

The Development of Gangapur temple is very important since this place considered as Dakshina Kashi. There is Jathra mahotsava around 6 months in a year. Apart from this more pilgrims are visiting this Kshetra on every thursday of the week and full Moon day to perform auspicious poojas. More number of pilgrims are coming from neighboring states. During Jatra mahostava the pilgrims may be increased 0.5 lakh to 1.0 lakh per day.

The historic and religious place Datta Gangapur needs improvements in all aspects. The river water can be used for drinking purpose after necessary water treatment and distribution network. At present the people of Gangapur & pilgrims coming to this place are using for their nature calls along the bank of the river and whole area is stinks with bad smell and whole river water will be polluted. The proper care should be taken for making good sanitation system with treatment plant.

Dharma Shala / Yatri nivas are to be constructed for the accommodation of pilgrims who are coming to this holy place with good water supply and sanitation system.

Now there is one small bus shelter in the Gangapur town. It has become very old. The slab of this shelter is leaking during the rainy season and it needs major repair. It is not safety to the pilgrims for waiting the buses in this bus shelter. There is no space for parking the buses near by this bus shelter. Number of buses are flying daily from this place to the part of the country i.e. Maharastra, Andrapradesh, Tamilnadu states as well as through out Karnataka state. Due to insufficient of space many buses are being parked beside of the road in the haphazard manner, which create very inconvenient to the pilgrims to reach the temple.

Apart from this many tourists are coming to this Kshetra through their private vehicles like tracks / tata sumo / jeep / cars / tempu etc. from long distances. There is no space for parking these vehicles. The vehicle drivers are parking their vehicles along the road in a haphazard manner, which has became very inconvenient to the pilgrims to go to the temple. Proper parking area is to be provided for these private vehicles with necessary dormitory facility. Further one bus stand is to be constructed near by temple by providing facilities like shopping arcade, cafeteria and dormitory etc. Big parking space is to be provided for parking of buses with necessary suitable bus depot.

In this connection the Dattatreya temple committee had made a meeting in the Gangapur town in a chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Gulbarga, to develop this Gangapur Kshetra in a proper manner, like Dharmastala / Sringeri and other pilgrims in the state. Taking into consideration that thousands of pilgrims are coming daily to this temple from varies states ie Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu & Karnataka, The temple committee has decided for total development of this temple by making evacuated the houses surrounding 200 mtrs of the temple. All the roads connecting the temple are to be widened and asphalted. Further it is also decided by the temple committee to construct a bus-stand having a facilities of shopping arcades, cafeteria & dormitory with proper drinking water facilities & drainage system.

Master Plan

The temple committee decided further for preparation of Master plan for total development of the temple by making provision for rehabilitation for the houses who are staying within 200 mtrs surrounding by the temple and to make provision for construction of

  • Yatri Nivas
  • Bus stand with Bus depot
  • Widening of Road with Asphalting
  • Sufficient Water Supply & Sanitation
  • Recreation, Boating, Wonder world, etc.,
  • Housing Layout.
  • Bank, Post, Telegraph, Police Station, etc.,

As such the total station survey was conducted for preparation of the Master plan. About 130 acres of land has been surveyed & demarcated the important places.